Friday, 21 January 2011

~Are you stupid?

Hmm...someone should translate this.. *shifts eyes* Wahh I'm bad at listening you know ^^;;
From what I could make out..they were talking about C-ute's handshake and a fan sent in a letter saying they couldn't see all of the members apart from Maimi because she had a long handshake with them? I think they wanted to see Chisa wrong? (a guess)

So Chisa decides to explain it then Matsumoto asks: Are you stupid?
(Ah but don't worry, Hamada hits him on his bald head haha)
Wahh so rough haha... Chisa was explaining about why sometimes it happens because Chisa's right at the end and there's a wall..and Maimi can't hear something maybe...
Well Chisa replied: Yes well a number of times I'm a bit stupid
Chisa continues to explain~
Then Hamada goes: .....You really are stupid aren't you
Bla bla bla~
Then Nakkii cuts off with: Shi~
Then they're all like:...Shi~!?
^ So that's what she was talking about.. her confused face was so cute afterwards hahaha
Then Maimi explains...and Hamada goes: Are you stupid too!?

And etc~
Yes yes someone should translate this..but no one should take this seriously because those two presenters are like that haha ..have you seen them talk with Abe Natsumi? (I think it was her..) or in an ooold video with C-ute, that's subbed too and it's funny. The rejects xD



  1. ano i uploaded all parts of C-ute at downtown..
    and eh some1 translated that part for me...
    it was kinda easy actually xD

    the dude who wrote the letter said he was @ a handshake event... and becaus it took too long her couldnt shake chisa's hand..

    chisa told them.. shes the first before the last xD (LOL dunnow how to say it xD)
    and becaus of the short time theyve got.. the fans often cant shake chisas hand..

    but chisa was fumbling with her words while speaking.. thats why she was asked if she was an idiot xD

    anyways.. maimi said.. she like tries to shake the fans hands quick so they can shake all members hands...

    something like that...

  2. Ohh I see thaaaank you!!

    Yeahh sorry I'm really bad at listening ^o^;; -Risu