Monday, 17 January 2011

~Polls!~ How did you discover Hello! Project?

Last poll, I asked you guys:

How did you discover Hello! Project?

From the very beginning of Morning Musume 4% (3)
I've been a fan of Tsunku~ 0% (0)
From Anime (Kirarin Revolution, Inazuma Eleven, Shugo Chara etc~) 34% (22)
From a friend/family member 11% (7)
I randomly came across it on Youtube (or other websites) 42% (27)
I discovered them when I went to Japan (or another country) 0% (0)
Other (Comment?) 6% (4)

No surprise from "I've been a fan of Tsunku~"
-Just kidding!!
But this is most people discovered Hello! Project from Anime and Youtube, though that's not so surprising since I myself discovered Hello! Project from Buono! which I discovered from Shugo Chara.
You mostly find about artists from anime or when you're clicking on random singers that look interesting.
Though 3 of you are from Morning Musume which is very very interesting too. I wonder how Morning Musume were like back then...

Anywho~ time for our next poll!

Which new song are you looking forward to most?
Having another one of these~ please vote and leave comments ^_^ We both enjoy reading them very much~



  1. Kiss Me Aishiteru for me x)
    best song for now in this year :O <333

  2. Zassou no Uta~

    And most people think so too. (:

  3. Torn between Heroine ni Narouka and Zassou no Uta. The first one because I like the song. The second because I look forward for Buono. I vote the first.

  4. Zassou no Uta..
    it makes me curious because we haven't get a preview at all.. >.<
    but i'm sure it'll be good.. =D