Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- A song I'm emotionally attached to!! -Maimi 25/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/思い入れの曲 画像1

℃-ute 公式ブログ/思い入れの曲 画像3℃-ute 公式ブログ/思い入れの曲 画像2Hello ☺
It's Maimi

Previously, I wrote in my blog: "In the Hello! Project concert in the B2 pattern, there's a really deep song I'm emotionally attached to!!"

Today I'm going to speak about that song in more detail I think ^ヮ^ ♪

That song was Niigaki Risa-san's solo song she sang

It's called: "Boogie Train 03"

Originally Fujimoto Miki-san's song!!

When that song was released, we were still doing activities as Hello! Project kids

At the time, we were able to appear as backup dances for our senpai in her concert!!

However, at the time of "Boogie Train 03"
they said to us: "You'll be able to be in the recording of the music video as backup dancers!!"

Everyone was incredibly happy and gave it their all!!

But we had to follow Fujimoto-san's lead

and they alwaaays said to us: "If you don't dance properly, you can't be in the video!!"

There were four backup dancers but when the teacher called out the four names

"Yes!! This team is the A team!!"

"This team is B right!!"


And with that, we split into teams!!

When my name was called out, I thought "I'll surely be able to appear in it, it seems!!"

I was really happy in the team appearing in the music show right? ***

After that, they taught everyone the dance (?)

and the team practiced but

But whatever I did, I couldn't remember the dance...

They would stop one person dancing and you had to watch everyone around
if you couldn't remember the dance

My teacher who didn't let up on me, finally said to me!!

"Yajima, change!!"

Already, I was frustrated, frustrated and my tears wouldn't stop ...

However, crying doesn't solve anything

"If you're bad at remembering it, you can't practice with the same people!! As you're frustrated, just put more effort into it and do it two or three more times than everyone else!!"

she said to me!!

after that, everyday, on the days I didn't have lessons, I would go to the company and when the teacher's not in the studio, I put in the video and did nothing but dance!!

After that, as my family watched the music channel

I remember thinking even until this day!! "If I danced it properly at that time, that would be me there..."

At the time, I couldn't do it well and I would get frustrated and frustrated with myself as I had no way of doing it but

after that experience, I learnt a very important lesson...!! I think to myself now!! ^ヮ^

With this and that I did intense training and even until now for this song, I remember the dance perfectly *laughs* ***

This time, I could see from the cheering seats Niigaki-san singing "Boogie Train 03"

I should have the memory of my frustration for this song but even so

It's mysterious that I can enjoy this song listening to it ♥

...that ended up being long but in this fun period of time the Hello! Project tour was, I have these memories ^ヮ^

And today,
Okai-chan is going from C-ute to her first solo live!! ***

Surely around now her heart should be racing ♪

It's restricted for the people who are able to go but

everyone, let's wish a success for Chisato ♥

If it's Okai-chan, she should be able to do it (^ヮ^)v

Excuse me for the pictures I took before ^ヮ^;


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Maimi TwT!! it must have been so tough... poor girl.. that story makes me real sad, honestly. To get into Hello! Project is real hard but training in it is very hard and strict too! Those teachers are scary~ but very good actually. Look how hard working they all are~ plus, Maimi's sweet for cheering on Chisa. Good luck Chisa! 10/TEN -Risu


  1. lol miami's long stories...

    i was like what ??? boogie train ?!?!?

    but after reading it.. i understand :)
    maimis always worked hard :)

    shes an awesome leader :D for sure ^^

  2. Remind me of hard time every one get when they're just Hp kid, egg, trainee. But since it's Maimi's story. It move me the most.

    And, yes, I was like. "boogie train?!?" Are you serious?