Friday, 28 January 2011

Buono! - More Previews ahead!

Another preview of their b sidess~


Runaway Train

hmm is it me of do the songs sound tinny? I can't really give much of an opinion from these previews. it doesn't help that they're both of when they're all singing together, so it's harder to differentiate xD;
but they sound ok
I really like the names though of the songs~

aaaanndd! I hear they're filming a JUICY HE@RT PV, please please let this be true! from hearing the preview, it's quite fast, so it'll be totally different from Zassou no Uta. I have a feeling it'll be like Kokoro no Tamago, where it's mostly visual effect. but still! am very excited for it~
we've missed you Buono!

Can't judge it very well because of these previews..but I'm so glad for them anyway!
From what I've heard, I might have preffered Runaway Train more but we'll see~

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