Friday, 21 January 2011

Translations: Pokemoomuubii Buono -Zassou no Uta Release Comment

As requested~

Momo: Hello everyone~
Momo, Miya, Airi: It's Buono!
Momo: This is Tsugunaga Momoko
Airi: It's Suzuki Airi
Miya: This is Natsuyaki Miyabi
Momoko: Nya~o
Momo: Right, Airin will be leading this interview, best regards
Airi: Yes, err, this time Buono is releasing a single called "Zassou no Uta"!
Miya: Yay~
Momo: Yay
: What kind of song is it this time? Peach (Momo)
Airi: It's a song of weed! *laughs*
Airi: Oo~ho that's the title but~
Momo: Fuffufufufu
Miya: That's right. Somehow right
Airi: Yeah
Miyabi: First of all, um~ when I saw "Zassou no uta" it was a really, a little bit relaxed kind of song I thought
Airi: Ah~
Momo: It's the ballad type right?
Miyabi: As for "weed", it has this kind of relaxed image right?
Airi: Fuffufufu
Momo: It has this meadow-like image right? *laughs*
Airi: Ah~ *laughs*
Miyabi: That's right, right, right, but when you listen to it, the weeds get intense right?
Momo: Fuffufufu
Airi: The weeds are intense!
Miya: it springs out pretty headache-y like
Momo: Fuffufufu
Momo: N~...Yeah! Yeah, I know what you mean, I see it, I see it
Airi: for the weeds, yeah
Momo: Yeah, I see it I see it
Miya: Fuffufufu
Airi: Well, about that right, for the PV, erm~ like the weeds, we do our best and are girls living at a construction site
Momo: Fuffufufu
Airi: It's a story but it's not a construction site *laughs*
Miyabi: Eh? Ehh? Wait a sec
Airi: Fufufu, fufufufu
Miyabi: Wait a sec, I don't really understand, wait a sec sorry
Miyabi: Heey~
Miyabi: I'm sorry
Momo: Don't say random things *laughs*
Airi: Fufufufu
Miyabi: What, excuse me. What, excuse me what, Airin
Airi: Eh, that's wrong *laughs* What's up?
Miyabi: Eh?
Momo: N?
Airi: Car, car maintenance?
Momo: Car, yeah, that's right right
Airi: We do a maintenance job these girls and they want to be a band so they put together a band?
Momo: Yes
Miya: Well, these are girls reaching for their dreams which is the purpose of this song right?
Airi: Like the weeds standing firm and doing their best, they are doing their best to face their dreams is what it's about but
Momo: Yes
I want you to definitely check this out for us too but!
Miyabi: It's fine
Momo: But?
Airi: The next questio point!
Momo: Yes
Airi: Dance!
Miyabi: yeah
Airi: Right, what came up?
Momo: (Yeah)
Airi: Anyone
Miyabi: This time is FREE!
Airi: Fuffufufufu
Momo: Fufufufu
Miya: Yes. It was decided right?
Airi: She spoke English *laughs* English
Miyabi: Yes
Airi: That's right, the dances right
Miyabi: This time is!
Momo, Miyabi, Airi: FREE~!
Airi: Fuffufufu
Miyabi: What is this! This time right~
Airi: (With both her ndex fingers, she points a gesture under the screen) Free, yees
Momo: Fuffufufu
Airi: Fufufufu. (At the bottom of the screen, the subtitles:) Did it get through?
Momo: Yees. It didn't, it didn't *laughs*
Airi: It didn't did it *laughs*
Miyabi: I don't think it did. Yeah *laughs*
Airi: Yeah
Miyabi: It didn't get through as expected right?
Airi: Well, that was the question point but the Buono-ness has come out right?
Miyabi: Yes. Finally somehow, it has this free feeling coming~ right?
Momo: Riiight~
Airi: Yea~h
Momo: as for Momo who's bad at being free, I was a bit troubled by this you know
Miyabi: Fuffufufu
Momo: Fuffufufu
Airi: Yeah, I was troubled too
Miya: No no, let's do our best!~
Airi: Yea~h
Momo: You're right
Miya: Like Rock
Airi: Like Rock
Miyabi: The costumes too right, put together they're blackish and all
Airi: Kehoh (??)
Momo: Yes
Airi: Yes
Miyabi: Let's go intensely!
Momo: Yes
Airi: Already
Miyabi: Yes
Airi: I feel I want to do my best full throttle with Buono-ness!
Miyabi: We'll do our best
Momo: We'll do our best
Airi: Everyone, definitely check this out please! We ask of you~
Miyabi: Our best regards
Momo, Miya, Airi: Bai ba~~i
Momo:...that's it!
Momo, Miya, Airi: This was Buono!~~!!
Airi: Fuffufufu
Miya: I'm sorry! *laughs* Really, it was meant to be me saying that~ *laughs*
Airi: Baiba~i (Bai ba~i)
Miyabi: I'm sorry~ ♪ (Bai ba~i)
Momo: Bai ba~i (Bai ba~i)
Miyabi: Bai Ba~i (Bai ba~i)
Momo: I love Airin! ♪ I love you ♪ (Bai ba~i)
Airi: Thank you ♪ (Bai ba~i)
Miyabi: I love everyone! ♪ (Bai ba~i)
Airi: Yeah, I love you guys! ♪ (Bai ba~i)
Momo: Bai ba~i (Bai ba~i)

Wah they seemed to be laughing a lot ^__^ But wahh! So we know the PV is going to be set in a Car Maintenance Workshop or something? and it'll be about girls trying to form a band yes~ ahhhhhh I look forward to this so muchhh -RisuTEN

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