Thursday, 20 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ In a class parka. (Airi) 20/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/クラスパーカーに。(あいり 画像1Hello ♥
It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^

This is sudden but
today I had a Class Parka day ♥

What in God's name is this ♥??

Well you know~...
Yesterday I was absent from school but
Last night, I got this sort of mail from my friend  ♥

>>>Tommorow is Class Parka DAY!

is coming to class wearing a Parka~ ♥ (♥ヮ♥)

There was this kind of fun event!! (♥ヮ♥) *laughs*

In the middle of night I was excited by myself ♥ ^ヮ^

With that
Time has passed after the Culture festival ended but
we spent today wearing Parka in class ♥

We doodled on a new Parka, it was fun! ♥♥♥

This friendly class was just there ♥ *laughs*

We were only wearing matching ones and that made me hyper as everyone was in high spirits and dancing and singing ♥

It was fuuun~... ♥
The parody of songs unit did activities the same as usual ^ヮ^
That's youth for you! *laughs*

The picture is Atom! ♥ヮ♥ I drew it with someone else on the hood ♥

With that
Everyone drew on their hoods ♥♥♥ *laughs*

I couldn't understand Maths I
It was teetering over into a crisis but
my friends did their best to help me ♥♥♥

Sine rule<- ?? ♥ヮ♥
I'll have to perfect it before the test (-3-) ♥

Well then well then (^o^)/
Students will get two days off after school tommorow ♥

I'll do my best tommorow!


Wahh that sounds so fun aww. I'm glad she had a nice day at school.. and omgosh it sounds like she's doing the exact same thing as me currently TヮT I myself have a test on Trigonometry next Monday...let's study together Airi TwT!!!!! 9/TEN -RisuTEN

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