Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Buono! - New pictures -Update!

they're only small though ><
but they're still looking gorgeous
really love Miyabi's hair~
Momo's smile is really cute
tbh I'm not as much of a fan as Airi's picture here as the other two, and is that a pout there? xD
well these are only small anyways, hopefully the a bigger version will be out soon. I mean come on show us somethinggg, the suspense.. it's killing me! xDUsaTEN
With the picture before, yes~ I loove Miya's hair, she looks so pretty~ Momo is cute too but Airi is a bit..ah well I still love Airi.
I love these covers too!! Personally I like the one on the right more than the limited one but they both have their good points!

Cant wait~ Come on Buono give us a preview!!


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