Friday, 21 January 2011

Translations: Nakkii's Blog- Lately 20/1/11

中島早貴 公式ブログ/最近、 画像1Mai is dangerously too cute!

Until now, her fringe has been long but

She cut her fringe,

because it's jaggedy

it's driving me pretty crazy in a good way!

Yesterday to Mai

"Mai's cute today!"

I said and

Chisato said to her

"Not today, always!"

she added in


thanks for the argument.


I just thought this'd be interesting to the fan of the trio kyahahaha it's like they're both arguing for Mai's love. I did notice Mai cut her fringe though..I wondered if she cut it herself because... it looks like mine.. ( must..go to hairdressers..) 9.5/TEN-RisuTEN

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