Sunday, 23 January 2011

Buono! - Official Youtube Channel opened!

More Buono! now we can happily and easily watch all their PVs again and again
and we should keep an eye out on their channel, that should be where their new PV should first be out
and let's all show our support for Buono! by subscribing!
what, don't have a youtube account? make one! ima! xD

also they have two versions of the Rottara Rottara PV, the regular one, and the TV Program Ver. I haven't seen all of it, it's basically the same, but they have other scenes where they're being interviewed.
so check it outt~ check it out, cho yeah, check it out!
Buono Channel

edit;; ok now I've actually watched the TV program ver, it's very cute, I kinda wish we could actually here what they say..xD
but wao Airi was just 14 there! I always forget she's that young, cause she looks mature for her age
I love the bit when they go Buono!~~
p.s. didn't that interviewer look a bit like Maimi? xD maybe maybe
also RisuTEN tells me there's another Kiss Kiss Kiss PV, Band ver~ oo


    In this Video, could you tell me what Airi said after Momoko announce she's cutest in Buono and Miyabi say she's cutest in the world. Did Airi say she cutest in the universe? LoL

    Or please try translate the whole video, If you have time, Thank very much

  2. Ah, found just in next Topic -_-. So she said Machi? Thank.

  3. There's also a making video of the interview in the Rottara Rottara TV program version where you can hear what they're saying. I don't know if it's on Youtube though.