Thursday, 20 January 2011

~ PREVIEW Buono- Zassou no uta!!! and MORE!!~

Zassou no Uta


It's almost like how I imagined it with the plucking and stuff but their voices.... you can't hear them too well in the preview but from what I can hear.. it sounds so nice...ah...ah...ah....BUONO!!!

Runaway Train

Ah well the beginning kinda reminded me of that Taylor Swift(??) song?? and the singing tune in the beginning made me think of that Full Metal Alchemist too... so I'm not too into this one but it sounds like it'll be a nice chill song for me to listen to when I need to concentrate on work ^___^


Ahhh Juicy He@rt sounds good too~...

If only the previews were a little better since I can't judge them too well at the moment but I'm grateful for this anyway, thank you Hello! Online ^__^!!


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