Monday, 24 January 2011

Buono! Zassou no uta MV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw the update on Hello! Online I just stopped and....stared at the post..

I think I died for a few seconds

I just watched it....

Don't you think that was the best PV ever in H!P all the way back to when Buono! was still releasing songs!?

Well..that's my opinion obviously, feel free to disagree
but that blew me away!! I really like the song, it's so relaxed and feel good- I love songs like that
Plus, the pv was more interesting than Our Songs in my opinion and maybe Bravo bravo though the PV was gorgeous in that too.

Looking at their outfits as a whole now, yup. I can say Momoko's outfit is my favourite and actually I quite like Airi's hair too. Miyabi's bun hair made me laugh xD they have a band playing in that background too! And the drummer's a little boy awwwwww I laughed when I saw him! So cute ♥

One thing though. If they were working hard maintaining cars etc..shouldn't their clothes be more dirty? Tut tut tut.
Just kidding~

Buono!'s officially back people!!!



ahhh!! It's OUT!
and in good quality too~~
this PV has definitely made me like the song more
my favourite part is Airi's Zassou no Uta~
though tbh I don't think it's that rocky, it is more calm^^
wow they have foreigners for the band! dunno why that amazes me so much, but yeah xD;
ahh Miyabi has minnie mouse hair! xDD took a bit t get used to, but they're cute
though I prefer her official profile hairstyle to her curly hair one

oo my favourite part of the PV was when they were washing the car and singing along, so cute
I was a little disappinted how they didn't actually show they were forming a band
but compared to other H!P PVs this does kinda have a story
ahh Buono! show them how it's done ;D


  1. OMG!! i'm so happy about this.. this song is really AWESOME.. totally love this.. <33
    and yes, this is the best PV ever.. <33