Tuesday, 25 January 2011

C-ute - New Profile Pictures

As soon as I saw this, I was like ommggg! how cute!
they all look so adorable!!!

and the costumes, I have to say are Saikou!
recently C-ute's been getting the best costumes nee
it's very spring/summery

Maimi looks incredibly sweet here~~
actually her costumer isn't as seasonal compared to the rest, probably as she's the oldest one, they give her a more mature clothes
Her hat and pose are cute^^
and she's smiling! I remember in her Aitai Lonely Christmas pics she looked tired and blank
much better here Leader!

oh her hair's so lovely!! and her little wreath
doesn't it remind you of a flower fairy
another really cute smile~

also love her hair!~ and the little daisies! cho kawaii
her necklace is cute too, but you can't really see it so much against her dress
not too sure about the colour of the shoes though
Love her first picture

now I like the shoes here~
and it's nice that Chisa has a variation with her hair, she should experiment more often, or the stylists should rather xD

She looks really grown up here! I think it's the fringe, the plait is nice, but I think it should be lower on her forehead more, I think that suits her age
but I love her clothes! ok maybe not the boots, cause it's so dark in comparison to her outfit
but the colours and design are so nice!

am verrry excited for this single, though come to think of it, their song is quite rocky, so these costumes wouldn't suit it the best.
but I bet they'll pull a Dance de Bakoon, and give them different costumes, dou kanaa
and their pictures came out early! even berryz who's single is first hasn't had new pics yet (and imo they should be the first to change pics, I really hate those Berryz costumes!)
In conclusion, my favourite hairstyles are Nakki's and Airi's and favourite costume is Mai's
what about yours?
10/10 for costumes and pictures~


  1. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeee Nakky's hairstyle in the new pics *w*
    and Chisa's outfit was awesome <3
    especially the shirt (?) XD

    I sooo can't wait for the new single :D <3

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