Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Ishikawa-san ♥ -Maimi 19/1/11

Good evening ☆=
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It's Maimi

Today I had a photoshoot with everyone in C-ute ***

(Picture 1)

And and, today is Ishikawa Rika's birthday ♥♥♥

I think Ishikawa-san has a really lovely and cute image but
as for me, she has a really cool image ***

Before Ishikawa-san had graduated from Hello! Project
I wanted to be able to do a concert together but

There was a time where Ishikawa-san's health was in bad condition...

Behind the stage I'd end up worrying about her so much but

even so, she'd stay to the staff "I'll do the concert!!" you know?!!

And the moment she appears on stage before the fans,

You'd can't imagine the smile as she's dancing and singing on her face would have been a look of pain just a moment ago!!!!!!!!

When I was a beginner, I remember it striking my heart when I looked at the figure of that Ishikawa-san and thinking: "She really is a pro after all..."

And in the time of rehearsals too, I watched her positively go and ask the teachers on parts she didn't understand!!

That's why, in that limited amount of time that went with a blink of an eye, I got really into her appearances...!!

She's incredibly incredibly cool ***

No matter how many years it'll be until now I remember it clearly so
I remember getting lots of encouragement by Ishikawa-san back then to that extent!!

Of course, even now, I learn various things from Ishikawa-san ^ヮ^

She came to watch our Hello! Project before and I was very happy ^ヮ^ ♥

Today's picture
Before, me and Mai in a USTREAM with a picture with everyone participating in it

(Picture 2)

That time surprised me ^ヮ^;

Unbelievably Ishikawa-san came for us...***

At that time, Ishikawa-san gave me her Photobook DVD ♥

On top of that she wrote my name and signed it...

I was happyy~

And today,
Ishikawa-san's photobook "Lucky" went on sale

A double grats ♥ヮ♥

Amazing...Having a photobook on your birthday ♪

I think I want to definitely be able to try that ♥

Ishikawa-san, really, happy birthday

From here on too, please treat me well ♥

Well then well then
See you in tommorow's update too...

Good night (zzz)


Ahh Maimi.. you're too nice with your...long blog posts.. kidding but that's very sweet. Happy Birthday Ishikawa Rika!!
7/TEN -RisuTEN


  1. Maimi really has long blog posts!
    But she's very sweet.
    No wonder many senpais like her.

  2. it's not just the senpais... airi and manoeri are fighting for maimi recently! ^_^