Sunday, 23 January 2011

~ Buono! Channel comment

I think this made my day...

It went something like: This is the cutest girl in Buono! Tsugunaga Momoko~ then the cutest girl in the world, Natsuyaki Miyabi~ then the cutest girl in town Suzuki Airi~

..Well obviously Miyabi wins right!? haha but waoooo they all..look..soo...cuute..... but I'll have to say Airi is the cutest for me here because..she doesn't have cornroses in her hair =w= and her hair is curly wahhhh soo soo cute!! We can enjoy a Buono! Channel now~
Oh and another cute point!...Miyabi's "Wahh" at the end haha


  1. how about if buono are your world?!?! surely then miya and momo tie xDD love for this!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhahah loophole~ clever~ -Risu

  3. Miya wins! HAHA.
    But I love her hair for the first time.
    Airi's hair though...
    looked weird.
    the bangs looks weird!