Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Polls! Which New Song are you Looking Forward to Most?

C-ute - Kiss me Aishiteru 46% (78)
Buono! - Zassou no Uta 44% (74)
Berryz Kobo - Heroine ni Narouka 8% (14)
Mano Erina - Seishun no Serenade 0% (1)
S/mileage - Shortcut 0% (1)
Total Votes 168

Wao! C-ute juuust in the lead there! I remember when I looked at the results before the poll ended, Buono! was still in the lead! xD probably due to seeing those adorable outfits xD
but yes I've been really liking C-ute singles again so far~ from Dance de Bakoon. Everyday Zekkochou really didn't take my fancy. and C-ute kinda dropped a bit after losing Erika, but now they're going back up! random fact xD: their youtube channel has the most subscribers in H!P with like 11k!! (Momusu only has 5k) impressive ne.

Buono!!! am Verrry excited for this single, cause we get 3 songs~~ and it's their first after a loong hiatus. Okaerinasai Buono! hope you come back with bang! (and knock AKB48 off the top places hopefully xD)

Berryz Kobo~ I'm looking forward to this one too, has a nice rocky tune~ I like the song much more than Shining Power, which isn't one of my fave singles for numerous reasons. but it's funny apart from a concert rip, we have no information whatsoever on this single! C-ute has soo many leaks! and their single comes out after Berryz. Well hopefully it's like Buono! where they kept us waiting a long time, but it was worth the wait.

Mano and S/mileage, ok I don't know why the result is 0% when they've got one vote... I mean they still have a vote.. but anyways even though both artists aren't my favourite, I thought the songs weren't matched with the competition anyways. Mano's song is typical Mano and S/mileage is typical H!Pish
whilst Buono, C-ute and Berryz all have a new edge to it. So it's quite hard for me to choose which song I am looking forward to, but I'd probably have to say Buono! cause their voices are awesome, and anything they do is amazing^^

Next poll! What is your favourite Buono! single? In celebration of Buono's comeback! It's a battle between all their Shugo Chara singles. thought best not to include their new single, as it's not officially out yet.
Please vote! and thanks soo much to all the voters<3
thanks for reading~

You guys...........
I was translating Maimi's blog right? And by the time I got around to...say.. Airi or Mai's post
well Buono! was up by 74 or something and C-ute was around 50...then it jumped to over 75!!
What's up with that? Is this some sort of competition?
Actually it made me laugh!
Yes yessss... I look forward to Zassou no Uta the most but I really liked the preview of Kiss me Aishiteru too actually. I didn't really hear Heroine too well so I can't comment on that properly and the other two I haven't heard either though.
Please vote in our next poll~
Actually.. I would have no idea how to vote on this poll!!

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