Friday, 21 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Only around 3 more days Σ(゚Д゚''')-Chisato 21/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/あと約3日やんっ千聖 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/あと約3日やんっ千聖 画像2Good evening everyone ♥

At last...
It's only three more days
until my solo concert (;∇;)/~~
This is byaaad
This is so bad (-_-''')
Yesterday and today, I couldn't sing the songs at all
for my concert rehearsal (-_-''');
I'm impatieent
Today I got the script for the MC
they said I had to remember it in in an hour (;_;)
I couldn't remember a page in one hour (T~T)
Too much to remember (>_<)
I want to be a flawless person (XoX)^
I'll remember this with all my power as myself (-3-)/
I'll do my best ok? ♥

Yesterday was the day for
the broadcasting of "Downtown DX"
Did you watch it?
N~ (>_<)
I'll learn more and more
I'll properly become the master of speaking
I think
But afterall, I feel once again for my true feelings
that I love to speak!
Even so, I want to learn how to talk lots on TV!
I'll do my best m(_ _)m
Thank you to those who watched it ♥

Well then baichaako (^ヮ^)/


Awwww the first picture is very cute. Why does Japanese purikura always make their eyes so scary though O_O;; I suppose it's "cute"? they all have such nice clothes haha. Before you think "they forgot about Maimi", at the bottom, there's a little drawing (which I'm assumig is done by Airi) and it says Maimi ♥ there so they didn't forget about her ^__^ Also, perk up Chisa! You'll be fiiine 8/TEN -RisuTEN

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  1. Pull yourself together, Chisa!
    A lot of people are rooting for you~