Thursday, 27 January 2011

Morning Musume - New Profile Picture

it's so weird
I can't get used to it!
first off Aika's in the middle!! so weird... and she looks older there too
and Ai and Reina at the back? I guess it's to mix it up a bit
but tbh I think I like them at the front or in the middle, they are the faces of Momusu after all
and I think Sayumi should be in the middle rather than Aika, she looks nice there
and the new gen..really can't get used to it, to me they kinda look out of place, especially at the front
cause they're much smaller xD;
Kanon and Riho fit in more
but Mizuki and Erina look a bit odd I think

Their clothes don't really match either
why is Ai in red? if you want her to stand out put her in the middle. she looks like an odd one out xD

I don't think this is a great photo tbh
much rather Reina and Ai at the front and Sayu in the middle
cause they do have more experience and look more photogenic 

Waooo they look so young compared to current Morning Musume!
The day we get to see them dying their hairs and etc...wao
I actually think Aika is prettier here and Reina and Ai look pretty too but...doesn't Niigaki look weird to you!? or is it just me..
The new generation kinda makes me think of S/mileage joining into Morning Musume haha

I wish them the best in Morning Musume!



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