Monday, 24 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ★ THE 76 RECORDS ★-Mai 24/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/★THE 76Records★ 画像1Otsukareeraisu ♥

Think Mai!!!!!!!
When will it become warm?
Everyone will think I'm insistant but
But Mai is cold *laughs*

Today as I went to school
it surprised me how many kids had passed their exams
Iya~ really congrats (♥ヮ♥)b
Everyone who took exams
congradulations if you passed ^ヮ^ ♥
If you passed you can breathe a sigh of relief right? :3 ♥
Today, the kids who passed were high spirited *laughs*
Those who haven't yet, please do your best, I'm cheering for you ^ヮ^ ♥

Speaking of whiiich
today's school lunch
was really delicious *laughs* ♥
But right
From tommorow, Hagiwara Mai

is starting her diet ♥
Iya~ Really
Lately I've been eating and this time's
"Kiss me Aishiteru"'s costumes,
my stomach came out so
this is because of I didn't forbid my negligence! XoX
That's why I'll do my best (^o^)/

Mai is trying not to eat sweets too
I'm being careful so
everyone around me too
please don't offer me any sweets *laughs* I beg of yoou ^ヮ^!

Today I recorded "InterFM [76 Records]" with Maimi-chan ♥
It's on air on the 26th of February on a Thursday
It was really fun!!
DJ Kaoru-san
Thank you very much ^ヮ^

Well then well then tommorow
I'll do my best ( ̄▽ ̄)b
Bai bai saa


Ahhahh! this made me lol twice. Poor Mai so cold~ and poor Mai getting a stomach XwX I wish I could diet with you. I really wish.... but I'm too lazy =w= and it's too cold!! store the fat for winter right? 9/TEN -Risu

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