Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Morning Musume - 9th Gen Pictures

Their official photos are upp
xD it's quite funny if you look at Morning Musume together
they look so out of place! xD
first off their in white, whilst the others are all colourful
secondly they're so young!
but yup this is the new Morning Musume

Fukumura Mizuki

Ikuta Erina

Sayashi Riho

Fukuda Kanon

it looks like Riho and Kanon are wearing vests rather than tshirts xD;
Kanon's one looks sweet, it looks like they captured her at the perfect moment of genuine happiness, but I can totall imagine her posing like that for a good 5 mins xD
Erina's pose is cool, but her expression is strange
I don't know why, but Mizuki looks like she's in an awkward position..the way she bends her head..
and Sayashi looks alright, though I think she should smile more xP
so who do you think fits in the most? based on these pictures

1 comment:

  1. ikuta-chan and fukumura-chan look really unsure of themselves, and sayashi-chan looks just a little too sure of herself, so I think suzuki-chan looks the most momu from these pictures (plus she's already making friends with sayumin, so...)