Saturday, 22 January 2011

Translations: Buono- Zassou no uta Voice messages

As requested~

Momoko: This is Buono!'s Tsugunaga Momoko. Our new single "Zassou no Uta" will go on saale. Well, that's right, it's been a while since Buono! had a single so, really everyone has just been anticipating this... a lot and I think they'll become happy with this too but. Well, this time from the title "Zassou no uta", weel right, from the same member Suzuki Airi-chan, from Airin she had said the words to me "Peaches are like weeds right?" so as I thought, this is the p- um~ Zassou's power wanting to do it's best I think! Err everyone, definitely listen to this a lot please.
Please treat us well~~

Miyabi: This is Buono!'s Natsuyaji Miyabi. The new single "Zassou no uta" will go on sale. Er, this time, this song right, erm, when we first got it, when I heard "Zassou no uta" I, well, this is Buono! but, amazingly, I thought: is this a kind of ballad feeling I wonder?. My impressions are a little always different! But as I heard it, as I thought, it really is rock. Really, how do I put this, it's Buono-likeee I thought. And we pretty much say "Hai! Hai! Hai!" and such, from the beginning, it's a high spirited clattering song so everyone, definitely definitely please look forward to this and listen to this lots.
Please treat us weelll

Airi: This is Buono!'s Suzuki Airi. The new single "Zassou no uta" Will go on sale! Ya~~y. Err, As Buono! hasn't had a single for a while too, this time, the song is, erm~ anyway, there is no dance! Since there is no Choreography, really erm, in the lives and such, it'll really feel free I think but it'd be good if it's fully loaded with the feeling of Buono! I thought it'd be amazing but erm "Hai! Hai! Hai!" at that part, surely, all of the fans will do it together with us, further more the high- more than the more high spirited feeling? Not furthermore than the more  *laughs* I think it'll be more high spirited so somehow there again, it's a new and developed Buono! you could say? Together with everyone, we can shared it together, I feel I want to do my best!
Everyone, definitely please check it ouuut, treat us weell~


Definitely check it out everyone~


  1. Oh, so this is a soft song?
    I was looking for their dances...

  2. No dance?. Wow. such a new thing.