Friday, 21 January 2011

Welcome to Maimi's house~

Thanks to Tae~ ♥

You lucky fans get to see the inside of Maimi's house!!!!
Well only a little bit anyway but teehee if you're a crazy fan wouldn't you be squealing now anyway?

I didn't understand much but all I can say was that Nakkii and Chisa were amazed by the cleanliness of her bathroom and that there's like a speaker she can play in the bathroom for which she claims she plays when she forgets the lyrics of songs, she can replay it in her bathroom.
That's very smart actually! Maimi works hard of course~



  1. i really got a shock when i saw the show after dling..
    i mean maimi's house part..
    her house is amazing :D

  2. Yeahh I want a nice house like that! -Risu

  3. yeah !!
    and indeed i was squealing xD
    and ive never thought bout it...
    ive always only known i love maimi a lot.. :D
    i mean a lot xD
    even envy mano caus she likes maimi a lot too.. and she can take pics with her... xD

    but after reading what u wrote.. xD guess so..
    im a crazy maimi fan :D XD