Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Sorry for intruding ♥ -Maimi 26/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/お邪魔しました 画像1Hello
It's Maimi

Yesterday I went to Chisato's solo live ^ヮ^

I finished work early so

I didn't expect anything but I tried asking

"Is it ok if I go to see Chisato's live?!"

"That's fine!!"  they replied so

I rushed over to watch Chisato's live ♥

Really, it seemed she would get way too nervous so

I thought I'll keep it from Chisato and secretly go to watch her but

before the real thing, I unexpectedly ran into her in the corrider ^ヮ^;;

However, Chisato didn't look nervous at alllll ♥

Just as I thought ^ヮ^ (liar!)

Rather, she was enjoying herself with all her heart...;) ♪

As for me, after the first part, I could all the fans and Chisato from where I was but

all of the fans looked like they were having so much fun...

Wasn't this a big success!?

I thought!! ^ヮ^

coming from the head of C-ute,

I thought she'd be lonely on her own but

the Chisato standing on the stage was really cool ***

The fans at the place were singing along really well and as she danced, she -as expected, could sing the group songs by herself!!

I'll do my best too ***

One day like Chisato, when I do a solo live, I want to do my best day by day to get satisfaction from everybody ^ヮ^ ♪

Chisato had her live today too but

today I can support her with relief ♥

Today I'll enjoy myself and work hard to make a special day

See you at tommorow's update~ ♪


Aww I'm glad it went well. 7/TEN -Risu

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