Friday, 28 January 2011

Dream Morning Musume - DoriMusu ①

Dream Morning Musume consists of 10 former Morning Musume members and was formed last year.
They are releasing their first album on April 20 2011
Click here for their official website~
Wow I'm actually quite excited for this! I think I like this Morning Musume more than the actual Morning Musume xP
cause first off the old generation are really entertaining, especially Yaguchi and Hitomi, and well they're kinda legendary idols, for Momusu anyways. I mean there's Nachhi, Yaguchi, Miki... all the old favourites!
though I think Koharu looks like an odd one out there xD;
and they're verrry good singers! ok not Koharu, and not Rika imo, but I still like them.
If you compare their voices to current Momusu, I'm sure you'll hear the difference imo (especially now Eri and Linlin's gone)
it would be really good with the twins in it I guess, cause they were famous Momusu members once, now to think of it I wonder why Nozomi's not there...

though I am happy they're releasing an album together, it's kinda like they're moving backwards in career...
but I'm a supporter of them anyways~ I've missed them^^


  1. koha looks better with black hair..
    and rika's voice aint that bad.. :/

    why nono isnt in..
    is becaus..
    she just got her 2nd kid...
    thats what i think :p

    and the other one is kinda banned from H!P/UFA

    also 2 bad gocchin isnt in :/ but shes with avex now ... :)

    this proves.. momusu will never be gone :D


  2. Usaa
    xD yeah brown hair koha takes a while to get used to
    well I haven't heard lots of her voice, but when I do hear it, it's not as strong as the others, she's probs better than koha though xD;

    yeah nono isn't in it due to her new baby, I found out just after I posted xD
    yeah maki was really good too~

  3. Nozomi Tsuji wants to be in Dream Morning Musume, but she has to take care of her baby right now.

    And Ai Kago CANT be in Dream Morning Musume, because Ai Kago was kicked out of Up Front Agency (you know the story)

  4. since takitty already announced her graduation.. i'm looking forward to see takitty in dream momusu.. and also eri.. hope she gets well soon..
    it's kinda sad that my favorite og members can't join the group.. (maki, kago and nono) but i'm still happy that they have they're respective careers now..