Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Berryz Koubou preview~ Shining Power

Risu here! Oh gosh it's been way too long since I've made a proper post, I'm verry soorrry! But what better but to start again with the preview of Berryz' new single Shining power!

Well as I've been moping about with other music, I really began to miss my H!P and couldn't wait for any H!P kid song to come out and finaaaally a Berryz preview shines upon us.

So what are my impressions? I have to say that I'm pretty in love with this one too. Every single Inazuma Eleven song Berryz has brought out has not disappointed me. I've always been a lover of mellow kind of songs and funky ones too (er like Disco? that sounds so lame of me) But I think I'll be loving this song too. I wonder what kind of outfits they'll have too?

This has been RisuTEN! For now 8.5/TEN?

Plus, translations will start again soon I've just got way too much work right now very sorry!! They'll most likely be starting again tommorow however I really have to apologize that I can't catch up to all of the ones I've missed out and I'll be starting from the blog entries of tommorow rather than from weeks back.
However, if there is a particular blog entry you want me to translate for you then please do tell me! I haven't been reading up on them quickly either though from what I remember, there was a blog entry from Airi with her doing purikura "date" with Risako and she also went out with Mano Erina. Also Okai Chan Neru started up again and the guitarist from Dolce appeared at C-ute's concert?
Oh also, Chisa has a photobook and DVD coming out too? Isn't that awesome!? Always thought she deserved one though I really do think Captain deserves one the most personally but I'm so happy for Chissa anyway.

Also, I'll be catching up on song requests and such you guys have sent me too. Sorry sorry sorry for the delay!


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