Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Berryz Kobo - Inazuma Power!

Seishun Bus Guide

Ryuusei Boy

Otakebi Boy! WAO

Maji Bomber!!

Last but not least..

Shining Power

Surprisingly...I've listened to Shining Power 4 times now...and the tunes still not in my head!
it's never heard of...Berryz..with a non catchy song?
it's not that I don't like it..but the tune just doesn't register
in somes ways it's good, so I don't overplay it in my head before it's even out
at the beginning I didn't even think it was Berryz singing xD
it sounds cool, kinda reminds me of Otakebi Boy
I like Yurina's voice here, better than Maji Bomber!! methinks, and I hoope Saki, Chii and Maa will all get solo lines too~
I'll still look forward to this release..cause it's Berryz <3
now I just praaay they have a good pv with good costumes^^
should come out soon naa
7.5/10 so far

but anyways what do you think?
or which ending video do you prefer? please feel free to leave a comment
we like hearing minna's opinions


  1. Shining power is... a little boring to me. Hopefully I'll like it better after listening some to it.
    About which ed I like the most: Seishun Bus Guide is my favorite BK song so it's an easy choice! :D

    Thanks for your work!! I read your blog everyday!! ^_^

  2. Usaa
    thank you!
    for me I think it's Otakebi Boy then Seishun Bus Guide, at first I didn't like Seishun BusGuide much, I preferred Rival, but now I love them both^^