Sunday, 2 January 2011

~Polls! Who is your favourite Morning Musume 9th Gen. finalist? Results!~

Ikuta Erina 9% (8)
Suzuki Kanon
20% (17)
Sayashi Riho 42% (35)
Mogi Minami 4% (4)
Otsuka Aina 21% (18)

Congratulations to the winner, Sayashi Riho with 35 votes out of a total of 82
Thanks everyone~

Yup for me, Riho is the favourite too.

And what do you know~ The REAL results are out!!

Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, Fukumura Mizuki have made it in to Morning Musume!

That's too bad for Mogi Minami and Otsuka Aina but they did their best! and now there's also a H!P egg in Morning Musume -Fukumura Mizuki. Ah I thought she looked familiar, if you remember, she was in Shugo Chara egg as Amulet Heart (the pink Amu?) Not bad~

Congratulations to the winners! and please vote for this next poll:

How did you discover Hello! Project?
RisusaTEN are always interested in your answers do don't be afraid to comment! I wonder if anyone has any wacky stories about how they discovered Hello! Project?

Thank you as always~



  1. Oh, i voted "other", i liked the group called "the field of view", they have a song called "totsuzen".....1 day i saw Konno asami singing it in Uta doki (and i noticed that she wasn´t FOV´s singer xD) now ^^

    Damm, maybe "I randomly came across it on Youtub" could be a better choice ¬¬

  2. Ah well.. it could be either really xD thanks for voting -Risu

  3. At one point. Berryz Koubou in very popular in a popular (general) web-board in my country. Many fans make comment, recommend videos and.. well.. promote them. When I get interest and enter a Berryz fansite i get to know Cute, Buono. and then HP as a whole.

    I also place mt attenion on Youtube at first, until i found a fansite.

  4. Oo that's interesting. Berryz are pretty popular too after all. Thanks for voting~ -Risu