Sunday, 9 January 2011

Takahashi Ai's Graduation!

Sources from Hello! Online:

Announced at the end of today's first show at Nakano Sunplaza, Takahashi Ai is to graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project at Morning Musume's 2011 Autumn concert tour.

In her message to the fans who have gathered at the concert hall, Takahashi stated that she was told by Tsunku last year, at the time when it was decided to have Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin graduate, to think about when it would be a good time for herself to leave the group as well. Takahashi held back tears as she told onlooking fans to support the new Morning Musume, as she will do her best to shape the new lineup with the newly added 9th generation members.

Audio of Takahashi Ai's announcement at the Hello! Project winter concert:

Official Statement from Tsunku on the announcement:


This is the comment regarding Takahashi Ai's graduation from Morning Musume

Thank you for your continual support as always.
As announced directly herself on the stage of January 9th's show at Nakano Sunplaza,
5th generation member, Takahashi Ai will be graduating from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project in Morning Musume's concert tour this fall.

When the proposal for Kamei Eri's graduation was made last year,
I told Takahashi Ai, "It's about time you should consider the timing of your own graduation and what you want to pursuit afterward" as an advice.

The 5th generation members will have joined Morning Musume for 10 years.
Takahashi Ai is the 6th leader and has been in this position for 3 years and 7 months.
Takahashi Ai holds the record for being the longest in the group and the longest to hold the leader position.
Looking back, she has honestly carried the responsibility for all this time.

(In no disrespect to all former members and leaders of the group...excuse me)

I have talked with her about various things, such as her activities afterward
As announced in the new year concert, her graduation will be in Morning Musume's Autumn concert tour,
this was the right time to make the announcement.

Since there are still more than half a year to go,
the 9th generation members have to familiarize themselves with Morning Musume's music
and dances, to become self aware that they are part of the group.
Takahashi plans to properly finish her job as leader in the mean time.

Please be looking forward to what will become of Morning Musume.

Takahashi Ai will continue to be active in music, theater, and live events after her graduation.
Details will gradually be released.

Also, after Takahashi Ai's graduation, Niigaki Risa will assume the leader position of the group,
and become the longest active member of Morning Musume

Morning Musume Producer

Takahashi Ai's comment:

It has been decided that, I, Takahashi Ai, during Morning Musume's concert tour this Autumn,
will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello! Project.
At the time when Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin's graduations were decided,
Tsunku-san told me, "It's about time Takahashi should think about your own graduation's timing!"
which has gotten me thinking.

I will have been in Morning Musume for 10 years comes this August,
So I thought it will be a good time! to graduate in the Autumn Morning Musume concert tour.

As there are still around 9 months left, I will do my best as leader until that time to shape up this new Morning Musume.

I will be affectionate to the newly added 9th generation members as I try to teach them various things, everyone please rest assured.


When I saw this announcement, I made a big :O Ohhh noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

We saw it coming didn't we though?... Tsunku told her she should think about her Graduation..
to me it feels a bit like pressurizing her
but I suppose all good things must come to an end after all and give Niigaki a turn to shine!

But Morning Musume without Takahashi Ai? Waoo I don't see it since I started to like Hello! Project with Takahashi Ai as stil the leader so I could only see her as the real leader. She's a good one too, strong vocals and responsible and all. She'll surely be missed!
Except, you can't get too upset because she is still going to continue making music and doing theatre work etc. right? So we'll still be seeing her, just not with Morning Musume that's all.
Takahashi Ai deserves a solo career after all and I'm pretty sure she'll rock it with her huge fanbase.

We wish you good luck Takahashi Ai!!! from RisusaTEN


it really is sudden! it's too soon! after Eri/Junjun/Linlin graduation I mean
I'll miss you Ai!
though it's true she can't stay in Morning Musume forever, and she'll still be popular (maybe even more) after leaving and hopefully persuing a solo
I'm a little worried for Momusu, Ai has been their rock. what's gonna happen now?
I hope that Momusu can still be great and even as great as it was
and it's going to be weird seeing Ai by herself I think, it'll just seem a bit lonely ><
but all the best to you Ai
you have serveed H!P and MM wonderfully^^


  1. i agree with UsaTEN.. this is too sudden and too soon after EJL graduation.. i'll miss her voice and her dance.. i'll miss her so much.. T_T

  2. pretty sad! - but even if she has been pressured out, Tsunku realises she's got a good solo career ahead of her! - and I guess this could have been a reason why she didn't graduate with the other three? Still, she won't be gone till the Autumn 2011 Concert(in August/October). Plenty of Ai left xD

  3. i just recoverd from linlin loss and now ai

  4. Awww it's really sad... one member after another >_<; but yes we have plenty of Ai left at least! -RisuTEN