Monday, 17 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- By myself...-Maimi 17/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/1人で… 画像1Good evening ☆=
It's Maimi

The other day I wrote in my blog

I watched "the movie I wanted to watch" today

Except, by myself...^ヮ^;

The title is:
"Me and my wife's 1778's story"

When I watched the trailer at the movies,
"Ahh, I want to see this!!!!!!"
I thought, you know ***

The main protagonist as a writer, finds out his wife has cancer and so everyday he continues to write a story to make his wife smile!!

Speaking of which, this is based off a true story ***

This warm and amazing husband...I got a warm feeling from it ^ヮ^

Even though your own life is short, I understood that you feel a lot of happiness

The very last message he sent to his wife moved me

...Ah!! Speaking of which, unnusually, I didn't buy popcorn ^ヮ^;

Well because before that I ate at a Tonkatsu shop but...

Going into a Tonkatsu shop by myself was of course, a little embarassing *laughs* ^ヮ^;

But the coating was crunchy and deliciousss... ♥♥♥

By the time I finished eating, the embarassment kinda disappeared

It was a day that satisfied my stomach and my heart o(^ヮ^)

Well then, see you in tommorow's update, bai baai ^ヮ^ ♪


I want Tonkatsu...and ahh that sounds like such a sweet story~ Kinda want to see too~ and poor Maimi watching it by herself hahahah I'm sure plenty of people would have wanted to see it with her? 8/TEN -RisuTEN


  1. aww maimi-chan the romantic <3
    but what's this? no popcorn for maimi?! :O
    poor maimi... you could've asked me to accompany you to a Tonkatsu shop ^_~

  2. That made me laugh haha xD no popcorn for Maimi D: -RisuTEN

  3. Lately,

    Maimi's been doing things by herself.

    And the other 4 girls are almost always together.