Tuesday, 11 January 2011

S/mileage - Shortcut PV

I have to say this PV seems quite low quality especially compared to the extremely high quality from their last PV
tbh I wasn't really impressed by the PV
I thought it was so random!
like they're out in space, in these really summery outfitsm that toootally clashes, it would have been funny in a cute way if they wore astronauts uniform xD
and then they were playing volleyball with the rocks, like wah?

though an interesting part was seeing Yuuka's hair actually cut, (though they probs just cut a bit, then left a real pro to cut the rest of her hair, at least that's what I think)
I think Ayaka should have her hair down, it looks better than in a ponytail. and she is the odd one out with a different hairstyle xD
Yuuka and Saki's hair look identical nee, this will be confusing xD;

didn't really notice the dance, but it seems simple

I actually like the song, the ending was good, Kanon and Saki sang well there. and I much prefer this song over their last one. but the PV didn't wow me, maybe it'd help if I understood the song, but even then I don't think I'll raise my rating for the PV by much
6/10 for PV

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