Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 40 ~C-ute vs 9th Gen finalists Dance off!

hisashiburi >< gomen ne!

xD I came across this when I was trying to find a video of the 9th gen someone put together with their singing
I absolutely loove Airi and Nakki's floor part, soo cool!
I reallly wanted to watch this concert, but I can't seem to find it ><
I loove watching C-ute dance<3
if there was a H!P kids danceathon I'd be so happy! xD

p.s. don't you think Captain should make her own dance shots like Chisa? I pray that Captain realizes this xD she'd get so many views!

....Oh...my...god....that was so cool!! O_O C-ute kakkosugiru!!!
I reaally wanted to watch this concert before...now I reaaaaally reaaaally want to watch it!
C-ute can dance so well!!
But yeah Captain should totally do a Chisa youtube thing...she'd be so impressive. Nakkii too!

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  1. yeah, Captain totally should do it.. she would break 500.000 or more views easily.. =P
    and i think Nakky should too.. XD