Sunday, 16 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ Notice ♥ -Maimi 15/1/11

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Good evening  ☆=
It's Yajima Maimi

This became a late update I'm sorry

Today I have information to report to everyone ***

There's been a decision to do another showing of the play "Ran"  I was able to star in last year T~T

When I heard the talk about reshowing it, I was so so so happy T~T

There were really lots of people who came to see the play "Ran" each time but thanks to the many people who made their way down to the theatre and supported us in this way, it feels like my dream of having it reshown has come to a realization!!

I'm really really grateful ***

Thank you very much T~T

The re-showing is by the theatre company Shingumi (???) vol. 4
"Ran- 2011 New Version!!-"

22nd May ~29th
A total of 11 showings!!

I'll be going to the theatre in Kichijouji ***

Last year
I really just had my first experiences at "Ran"!!

It was my first time doing sword fighting and my first time doing a play without the C-ute members!!

Every time every time without fail, before I go training

The advice I recieve from before

and the sword battling etc

I wonder if it's ok!?
I wonder if I'll be ok!?

I get anxious and nervous as I head to training I rememeber ^ヮ^;

This time I'll be able to play as the girl "Ran" again but I've grown more since last time after all, I want to act so I can leave "Ran" into the hearts of people who come!!

I recieved lots of advice from people last time, inside myself I couldn't become better and I had my worries but I'll see through my worries and more worries and I'll come to an understanding with myself in the real thing and I'll be able to convey "Ran"

I'll do my best with all my might!!

Everyone, you must absolutely, absoluteeeeely go and it please ok? ♥

And today we went to Nagoya for the Hello! Project Concert we started on the second ♪

In today's live too
I recieved a lot of everyone's happiness from their faces ♥♥♥

Though you might not have been able to come, I felt the warm feelings of everyone who was supporting us and it was properly conveyed ^ヮ^ ***

Really thank you very much~

It'd be great if everyone could send more and more and lots of their happiness...

Tommorow is the same Nagoya live ♥
I'll really go and enjoy myself while working hard (^ヮ^)v

Everyone in Kobe...we'll be gathering tommorow there! ***

Please wait for us ok? ♥

Well then, I should sleep soon ^ヮ^
Good night (zzz)

Have wonderul dreams... ☆= ♥

(Picture 1)
A picture of Last June's "Ran" ***

(Picture 2)
This time we shared a dressing room with the group called S/mileage so
unexpectedly before me, Wada-chan came and caught me

and took a picture *laughs* ^ヮ^

(Picture 3)
This is a shot with Mano-chan
(Picture 2) and (Picture 3) are after the concert
I'm sorry for my sweating ^ヮ^;


Ahh you're already famous for your extreme sweating Maimi, it's ok! Sorry I couldn't do this yesterday since i had a lot of things to do but I'll be catching up today of course. I'm happy for Maimi being able to do Ran again since we all know she really enjoyed it the first time. I wonder how it'll be like doing it for the second time? 7/TEN-RisuTEN