Sunday, 16 January 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Us after the Concert.- Nakkii -16/1/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/終演後の私達。 画像1
It's Nakajima Saki.

Today we had the concert at Aichi too.

Well then,
the us of yesterday after the concert.

Speaking of which,
Oka and Hagi.


℃-ute 公式ブログ/終演後の私達。 画像2As the camera turned to them
this kind of thing happened.

Oka-san's back musckes are good arent they

℃-ute 公式ブログ/終演後の私達。 画像3As expected of Oka-san.

There are four pictures however so

I'll put the last picture up
on my own blog.

Well then,
Today I'll do my best with all my energy too.

-Nakajima Saki-


Ohhh... I want to see.. I'm going to go post it up..what are they doing anyway xD; 6/TEN-RisuTEN

[Edit: here's the last picture it's pretty much the same as the last one here... there are a lot of Mai and Chisa about to kiss pictures on her blog xD;]

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