Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Berryz Kobo - IBUKI Magazine Interview (In English)

Jaan~ Berryz' interview fir IBUKI an american magazine, and the good news is that it has be translated for us already~ enjoy

And here's the whole magazine, just keep click on the magazine and the rest should be easy to follow
berryz article is pg 28

xD trust Chii to want to eat, but Hannah Montanna?? stunned is the word
aww Momo listens to Connie Talbot, didn't think she'd be even well known in Japan, for those who don't know her, she is a really young girl (about 10?) who appeared on Britain's Got Talent, I think she got second place or something, she has an amazing voice

Wow Risako was mute in this xD;
aww to think years ago that Tsunku was racking his brains to think of a perfect name for 8 little girls.

woow their US debut!
it's quite a big thing now I think about it xD;
and when they said they were releasing a CD I got excited and thought it would be in english xP
but ah well there's still time~

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  1. YAY berryz :D
    lol chii xD the hamburger part was funny.. but
    lol? @ the hannah montanna?? .........