Monday, 28 March 2011

Translations: C-ute's blog- 1974. Okai Chisato 28/3/11

Good evening everyone!

I think there are people who already know but the
Otona no Mugicha dai 18 hai me production "1974" has been postponed.

When the earthquakes were happening
I thought: won't they end up cancelling this play?
but I thought positively
they suspended "1974" and it has been postponed!!!
I want to use this time to do an even more amazing play!

It is a really, really amazing play!
I still can't act so well in this amazing play
and I'm really so underserving of it.
I am really grateful.
The postponed schedule for it is on the 14th~18th of December!
Coming to the Kinokuniya Sazan Theatre
Also, until we start training for the play
I want to read the script once every week.
And I'll be happy if you watch this play
and you go home with your heart warmed up.

Everyone, please definitely watch it m(_ _)m

Okai Chisato


Iyaaa everyone's being very serious and formal, it's kinda scary but sad.. well until the day comes where everything is peaceful again, we'll have to cheer them on! -Risu

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