Friday, 4 March 2011

Morning Musume - Maji Desu ka Ska Practice

In the new Bijou Gaku episode, they reveal part of the dance for Momusu's new single
there's english sub^^

first thought was, wao, that's some energetic dance there! xD
the 9th gen seem to be doing well, considering they're new at this, I wonder how long it took for them to learn it, Riho and Mizuki look like the better dancers
xD Suzuki Kanon's blank expression made me smile, if I was there, I'd probably have the same expression.

such a genki song, reminds me of Momusu's older days
they're going for a colourful look again, not sure about costumes yet, cause can't see them propery, not a fan of those fishnet tights though xP

am interested with seeing the full PV, bet Tsunku will go all out with the promo

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