Thursday, 10 March 2011

Polls! Who has the Coolest Character?

Yajima Maimi 27% (25)
Natsuyaki Miyabi 23% (21)
Tanaka Reina 20% (18)
Shizmizu Saki 15% (14)
Niigaki Risa 13% (12)
Total Votes 90

Results are preeetty even, thats what I like to see, good competition~

Yajima Maimi, sneaked up from behind there, sporting the come from behind win
though honestly when I first saw her I did think she looked very cool
and then later I got to see her clumsy side^^
it's funny she's like opposites xD I like to call her the cool yet clumsy leader
she certainly looks the leader part, but not exactly acts it xP but thats why we love her
it's a democracy in C-ute xD
she does look super cool in her Live action film

Miyaaabeaamm, I was surprised she was winning, cause even though she has this butter-wont-melt look about her, she can get pretty hyper, and I think especially recently she's been letting herself go more^^
when I first got to know her though, I saw she was dead cool in Buono but hyper in Berryz, so I never thought she was completely cool, if you know what I mean.
she was suuuper cool at the beginning of Buono! and there's a reason why, she said herself that she felt like she had to act mature in Buono! and act leader, whereas in Berryz she left everything to Captain and Masaa xD (which brought a complaint from Momo saying you can trust me! xD)
but then she really melted in Buono! and acts crazy along with Airi
she has both sides to her too

Reina Yankeee, if you look back to her Aa! days, didn't she have that 'don't mess with me look' on the FIRST KISS covers? xD
she sometimes has it now, but i think she dresses cutely, it's not aaas scary (I think)
I loveee her in that video about scaring S/mileage.
I don't think I could be scared of Reina, she's such a nice person, I mean the most I would get is speechless if I ever saw her cause I'd probably be starstruck xD

ai ai Captain! this is actually Risu's nominee, when I asked her for participants in this poll, Captain was her nomination. I myself wouldn't say Captain had the coolest character as in, Super Dead Cool, but I guess the way she handles the Berryz and how she's so mature is cool. I see Captain as more lovely and nice though^^

Prince Risaa, wow I would have thought she'd be muuch higher! I mean for those who've see the Cinderella play by Momusu would agree with me that Risa played the prince perfectly! kakkoi, and in Fashionable too, if she was her character in real life, then I would deefinitely put her at the top. she loves to make those sarcastic comments as well. I think she's quite changed though, from her early Momusu years till now, appearance definitely, but other the years I guess she got more confident.

I think this was a tough poll, and I myself wouldn't be able to choose cause whilst these 5 all have their super cool side, they have their clumsy/cute side too, so thanks for voting^^ as always
next poll isss
Favourite Inazuma Song!
I hear that Berryz latest 10 singles have all been in the top 10 and half of them are Inazuma songs!
so please vote Risu and I both loove the powerful and rocky Inazuma tunes, and we'd love to see your faves

Yay congrats Maimi!
Maimi is definitely pretty cool though I think I see Maimi as the more ditsy and cute leader but who's also extremely kind and caring. Come on...she's the only one in C-ute who congratulates all the members! I think that's pretty caring even if it's not much right? No wonder the senpai love her!
But number one cool for me... I actually can't decide. It'd be Miyabi or Reina. Miyabi really is a true idol in which you can idolize the way she dresses, the way she sings... because in that sense, she seems like a true leader as the one who starts the trends and the one you admire. She gives off an image of being the cool senpai right!? If it was in a Manga story or something hehe. Reina is also like this but I personally just think she's cool because she's like a yankii anyway. As for Captain and Niigaki...well I don't know Niigaki too well so I can't really say but for some reason I get this image that she's like the mothering type. Captain is obviously cool too with her dancing and her photos ah~

Anyway! Yess please vote on this poll!
My favourite Berryz songs are probably the Inazuma bunch after all so we're curious to see which one is your top Inazuma song to get you going!

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