Saturday, 26 March 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- The North-east Earthquake -Maimi 25/3/11

It's Yajima Maimi.
It's been quite a time since the last update.
14 days have passed since the North east earthquake.

The earthquake this time came and took away many lives.

Along with praying for happiness in the next life for those who have died, I give my sympathies from my heart to those who have been affected by it too.

You guys really worried about us when we refrained from updating for this many days.

The number of aftershocks haven't stopped but I'm happy to say the C-ute members and their family and relatives were all safe.

Everyone who was worried about us, really, thank you so much.

In these number of days, I'm watching the news everyday.

There, they it projects the unbelievably sad reality we have.

But, in those sad news stories,

I watch each person struggle to survive as I fight against the pain in my heart.

I was moved by how strong everyone is.

There isn't enough for supplies coming back and forth to the victims of the disaster I should think so

I can't stop crying from the spectable of every person helping each other out, compromising, supporting each other and everyone is combining their powers together to live.

Of course, it's not news that there are a lot of people in grief and in hardships.

And, crossing over the national border, not just Japan but they think "Isn't there anything we can do for the victims of this disaster?" and are currently doing activities to help out

I felt once again that no one can live on their own.

Even if you do something small, if everyone does it, it'll become something big,

In great sadness, it'll probably only be something small if everyone helps each other a little bit....

Even though there's no much I can physically do, I feel with all my might, I will do whatever I can do.

Also, at the moment, for the sake of the nation, there are people battling and risking their lives.

I feel I want those people's families to be protected.

What kind of thoughts do they have when they're facing in a dangerous place...

Though it hurts my chest, I have so much thanks for those who frantically went out of their way to protect us.

A life that was protected.
A life that was saved.

Though they wanted to survive, those who didn't, they didn't waste their feelings

I have to live and live strong!

In great sadness
we learn important things each and every day.

We've still got aftershocks so nothing has calm down yet,
their's anxiety over the nuclear power plant and such but

everyone, somehow, please be safe.

One day, the smiles from your hearts will come to everyone...


Ahh Maimi..this makes me so sad -Risu


  1. what a mature, touching post by maimi as leader of C-ute. her heartfelt, melancholic words show maimi's caring, considerate, philosophical side.

    what a fine example of a model H!P idol, young lady, and human being our maimi is maturing into. <3

  2. Yess! Maimi is a great model idol <3 I'm growing to love Maimi more and more though I loved her a lot in the first place too! -Risu