Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 53 ~Oh Mai Mi!!

you can tell I'm not doing much xD
in one of those lazy moods xP
these videos really made me lol especially the second

Ditsy Maimi at it's best!
first offence
lol Chisa's reaction, basically saying 'that's MY line!' xD

second offence
I looove this one, Mai's face and solution, soo cute
they're not with it <33
seemed like a fun event, would have love to been theree
xD I watched both these videos twice~

Ahh I remember this hehe I absolutely love these videos, especially the second one
with my favourite part of Maimi and her confused face moving at: "No no Junjou wo wakannai o_o..." that's the best bit!
and Mai getting frustrated and leading everyone instead hehe

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