Sunday, 27 March 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- It's Hagiwara Mai -27/3/11

It's been a while.
Sorry this ended up being a late update.

When the North East Earthquake outbreaked on the 11th of March
me and my mother were out in the car driving.
Usually, I never feel the vibrations of earthquakes in my car I guess I could say but
this time, the earthquake was so big that when I felt the vibrations, at once, I panicked.

Weren't the people inside the buildings much more scared than I was? I thought

From that day, the aftershocks kept continuing
from the TV when I could hear the ringings of the emergency earthquake alerts, I got extremely scared.
and although I didn't have the shakings of the earthquake here, somehow I felt them still and I became extremely sensitive to it.
I feel the friends of the victims of the disaster must have been so much more anxious and scared.
But on the contrary, the victims of the disaster were talking with smiles and positivity and were being brave,
I thought: if I was really in that situation, would I be able to be like that?
I was really moved.

The really ordinary things
like being able to eat, they are really not something that can happen everyday. I really understood that from the earthquake this time.
I felt I want to be grateful for being able to live a peaceful life everyday.

From the plans to reserve electricity,
I couldn't watch tv and such
I thought to myself, there are times where we can't do the things we want to do but
we can't say that we were hurting from it, I thought
I feel the friends of the victims of the disaster must have twice as much pain than we have so
though there might only be little of what I can do,
I feel I want to do as much as I can possibly do.

Also when the outbreak of the earthquake came,
everyone gave us comments like:
"Are you ok?"
"Take care of yourself ok?"
and such,
it really made me happy and really gave me relief.
Thank you very much.

The lives and events have been delayed and such,
so it makes me really sad I can't see you guys but
I look forward to when I can smile and make the best memories with everyone once again.
There are still aftershocks going on everyone so please,
really take care of yourselves ok?

I pray for the smiles to return to everyone in Japan like before as soon as possible.


Aww.. poor Mai was scared. She's still young after all -Risu

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