Friday, 11 March 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Anxiety -Chisato 9/3/11

Good evening everyone

The date has changed so
this will be the post for the 9th of March  ♥
Please write your thoughts for the previous entry too ok? ♥

You know right, however the case
There was something I want to talk about
with everyone so when the date changed
I thought I'd try writing once more
so I wrote again
Once again, I'm troubled >_<
it's a problem about myself

we had training for 1974 ♥
I got through training ( ̄^ ̄;)
it's another 9 days until the real thing...
I feel that Okai Chisato is in a pinch!
The co-actors there
are nothing but people who are really great at acting .
Nakkii too is really great too.
I haven't really done a play outside
doing a play with the whole of C-ute so
it's my first time to be by myself this much
This and that is my first too.
I'm really happy I get to star in the play for 1974.
I want everyone to see it quickly!
I want you to be moved I strongly wish

But to be honest, the me at the moment
I'm dragging everyone down
and I'm causing trouble amongst the people around me >_<
I really feel a feeling of being sorry a lot
I'm really frustrated and frustrated
Ahh no good >_<
At my pace! At my pace!
I thought but
it can't be helped that I'm so anxious and nervous
I hate this part of me >_<

Everyone, what do you do at the time you lose your self-confidence?
I have to get over this!
The mountains in life have a valley too right!?
The phrase of this month
★"Even if the result is not what you thought it was, go on your remaining devoted effort and turn it into power".
This is exactly me.



Ahh.. not sure if I got that phrase exactly right but..poor Chisa!!!! how upsetting.. you should have more confidence in yourself ^_^ there has to be a reason why so many people admire you right? even if you didn't have anybody..don't forget, you'll always still special to be someone out there. 5/TEN-Risu

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