Friday, 11 March 2011

News: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

I guess you've all heard about the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit North East Japan by the coast of Sendai which hitting many places. Many lives were lost so please keep your thoughts with those people and their families and friends.

It has also been confirmed that most if not all H!P members and staff are safe and sound but events have been cancelled for the weekend and there will be no blog posts today.

(Although, RisuTEN will continue to catch up on the blog posts she has fallen behind on so you guys won't miss out from today's posts too.)

Thanks for reading. I'm also praying for the safety of my Japanese teacher's relatives who live in Saitama too. -RisuTEN


  1. are any members of Berryz Kobo missing? or Buono? do u know who the missing H!P members are? :)

  2. Ah everyone is safe and sound!! -Risu

  3. Ah, ok, thats good then :D Thank Youu :D