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Translations: C-ute's Blog- Murata-san *** -Maimi 3/3/11

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Good morning ☺
It's Maimi

Today's Girls day on the 3rd of March right? ♪

I wonder if they've ornated the kindergartens and elementary schools
with dolls :3 !?

And, on Girl's da, it's also Murata Megumi-san's birthday

Today at 12am there was an announcement that Murata-san is retiring from the Entertainment world on the 31st of March it seems.

Murata-san really helped C-ute out when we formed together.

The first stage we stood on was Abe Natsumi-san's concert but also
before she also appeared on the screen for us on our last C-ute tour's live T~T

Murata-san who stood by our side when we were formed
were we properly able to show that we have grown?

In contrast with everyone, Murata-san is really a kind senpai and
an amazing person you know...I always think.

At Abe-san's concert, the year 2005 when we debutted,
there have been times where they got mad at us but by our side
she was with us as we would end up crying

and alwaaays said to us T~T "Don't worry. It's ok. Do your best next time!!"

Other than the concerts, she has also helped us out on radio and at that time she would talk with us open-heartedly,
it's amazing than when I look at the normal Murata-san, she would watch over the members, the staff and...other people around her too ***

I want to be like that o(^ヮ^)

Until the 31st of March
There really isn't enough amount of days but

I feel I will send her off with my feelings of gratitude for Murata-san who saved us many times until now!! T~T

I pray for you to have a wonderful time from now ^ヮ^

the news here today


the Hello! Project members are doing covers of Hello! Project songs and it'll be up for downloads the "Hello Covers"
In part 5, I'm able to sing Aya Matsuura-san's "Egao ni Namida~ THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS~"
it'll be up for download!
You can download it from iTunes so everyone definitely please check it out ^ヮ^

Further more,
On the day, from 10am~ 3/9, until 18:00
The official tickets for the play "Ran-2011 New version!!" will be on sale then

"Ran 2011 New version!!" will be on for a total of 11 days
on the 22nd of May~29th at the Zenshinza theatre in Kichijouji!!

A play I'm appearing in once again from last year!!

Those who did or didn't come last time

definitely please come and see it ^ヮ^

(the pictures are from last year's "Ran")

Well then, this became long I'm sorry ^ヮ^;

I'll be full of vigor today too ^ヮ^


Aww it's always sad when an important senpai is going! Otsukareesama deshita~ 7/TEN-Risu

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