Saturday, 26 March 2011

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An update after 16 days.
It's Suzuki Airi.

The North East Earthquake occured on the day I came back from my phototshoot in Bali.

In the earthquake this time
a lot of people's lives had disappeared
in an instant.

Along with praying for happiness in the next life for those who have died, I give my sympathies from my heart to those who have been affected by it too.

As for me personally,
I was overseas when I blogged just when the news came about, I made a lot of people worry but

I came home safely to my family.

I originally come from Chiba prefecture but
the continuing after shocks didn't affect the area where I live.
My family and relatives are safe too.

Really, thank you everyone for putting lots of comments in and worrying about me.

from the 11th, I've been watching news about the victims of the disaster everyday

The days continue of  this really sad spectacle that I can't take in of reality

In that,
more than myself, those kids who escaped with only their clothes they are wearing,
the elderly and the pregant women with new life in their stomach who say: I want to save this child...

"I have to be grateful my life was spared right?"
"I'm glad to just be living"

I had to save these words for a number of days and the various thoughts I had.

Currently, you can't say they have enough to live on and in this situation, to take a wound to the mind too it seems only looking forward is the answer for the victims of the disaster and for them

I think to myself

What can I do for them?
could I live happily everyday feeling grateful?

To be able to eat, to be able to sleep
to be able to be by the people who are precious to me.

None of this happens for everybody.

I felt once again.

I felt I should live these precious everydays feeling grateful for this small happiness.

In that, I watched the Koushien players take their oaths on TV.

All of those players are in the same generation as me, 16 years ago, they were born in the great earthquake of  Osaka-kobe Awaji on the 17th of January 1995.

Those warm messages made my chest tighten.

I was born on the 12th of April 1994 so I was yet to be 1 at the time,
at the time, I lived in the Gifu prefecture and I experienced the Osaka-kobe Awaji earthquake.

I don't exactly remember what happened at that time but
it seemed my mother covered over me and protected the small me.

the players said this in their oaths too but

When people are supported by their comrades, they can climb over great difficulty.

I believe in that too.

You just can't live through life by yourself.

And I don't feel that anyone is alone.

I feel there are a lot of people who have ended up having to part ways in these painful days
to their family, friends, lovers and people important to them,

At this time
I pray for the great pain to become smaller, even just a little bit
and everyone to have love and support each other.

At the moment, there's not a great number of what I can do myself but I thought about what I could do and even having even a little bit of power.

Even for a moment, I want to hurry up and send a song
but like this, all I can do is write a blog entry but
with all my might, I want to go through my limit to do what I can.

Now, I wish for Japan to come together as one so we are able to repair everything as soon as possible.

And everyone.
the electricity failures from the aftershocks are still going on.
Please be grateful for the small happiness you have
and somehow smile.

I look forward to the day I can meet everyone with smiles.

Suzuki Airi


Ahh we're seeing a really mature Airi here... really hard times going around in the world ayee -Risu

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