Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Morning Musume - Maji Desu ka Ska PV

Official PV

overall I quite liked it, it's like a huge contrast to their previous single (which I also like) since this is all happy and white, whilst the Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game was black and serious. they were both really colourful though.

it's quite a simple but cute pv. though Aika and the petal throwing was random..xD;
I love Ai's jump in front of the exclamation
I think Ikuta looks a bit awkward still, but there's time.

for their colourful outfits, my fave outfit is Reina's, Ai's is pieced together nicely too, and I also like Sayumi and Mizuki's jacket colour
for their other outfit my faves were Sayumi's and Risa's, Riho's was quite cute as well

At first I wasn't sure about my impression of the song, if I liked it or not, I still would have probably downloaded it. but after watching this, it has made me like it more.
the cancan makes me laugh xD dunno why

Ah I'm so glad I decided to watch this... this was really cute!
AIKA-JI-JI MADE ME LAUGH!! so randoooom hehehehe.
The new gens were really good too for their first pv so I'm pretty proud of them eh!
It sounds like an anime song o3o


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