Monday, 21 March 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- A comment from C-ute. 18/3/11

From C-ute to everyone

We're giving our sympathies from our hearts in regards to those who have been a victim of the great Kantou Earthquake in the North East this time and those who know someone that has been one.

Also, we'd really like to thank everyone for giving C-ute great concern in this difficult time.

For the postponed dates Nakajima Saki's and Okai Chisato's play they are starring in "1974 Ikunayo" and the album "Chou WONDERFUL! 6" and the suspension of the Hawaii Fan Club Tour and such, we are really sorry to those who have been looking forward to these events.

Really, we want to hurry up and send everyone smiles and energy but we wish to try and send to the victims even just a little bit of or a lot of electricity and materials.

Even just for a day, we want to hurry up and give everyone a peace of mind and to try and return back to the normal days, those who are reading this, let's do even a little bit of what we can.

Since there are still some more to come for the aftershocks, please take care of yourself once again.

To meet everyone again with smiles, let's do our best everyone.

Yajima Maimi
Nakajima Saki
Suzuki Airi
Okai Chisato
Hagiwara Mai


Ahh I didn't see this earlier... this makes me sad but at least they're ok! I donated today too albeit I had starbucks that donates to the charity...but I wasn't going to even have it but I changed my mind when I saw they donate to Japan! I hope things get better soon... it's too sad when I watch the news.. -Risu

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