Thursday, 3 March 2011

Japan’s Girl Group Power Ranking

From a newly released March Issue of Nikkei Entertainment, a list was compiled to see who Japan's top girl groups are, it is based on last year's average album sales.

1) AKB48
3) Perfume
5) SKE48
6) SDN48DL
7) Morning Musume
8) Idoling
9) Berryz Kobo
10) Momoiro Clover

yatta! finally, they're more recognized, in Oricons top hundred singles for 2010, not one H!P single was on there, not one!
so at least they're recovering
and I'm impressed with Berryz~
veryy happy with their rank

From that list I only listen to 3, Momusu, Berryz and SNSD
I think Idolings rings a bell..are they under Tsunku's influence?

seriously how many '48's are there? xD and all with similar names
I really think that name is silly, AKB48 fine enough, but to base all the other groups name on that as well? can't they think of something more interesting? xD;

ah well off on a tangent again
congrats momusu and berryz again
keep it up~


  1. i only like MM BK and momoclo

    i knew bout and liked Kpop first..
    ive been kara's fan since their debut....

    but im now a huge H!P fan...

    nd its bothers me more to see snsd and kara being higher in the list... than seeing AKB being No.1

    bout AKB i didnt expect else...
    but SNSD and Kara ?!?!?! >_<

  2. IKR? So Kpop artists rise more than Jpop idols. How sad.