Friday, 18 March 2011

Morning Musume - 9th Generation Concert Rehearsals

wow Aika's being waaay strict. I know it's like for their own good and stuff, but I just think, did she really learn the dances with one rehearsal?

I thought Ai was really good, she helps Erina remember the moves and explains them to her
sasuga leader

mean instructors being mean as always
ganbareee minna


  1. Aika was the only one in her generation (or was until Junjun and Linlin joined), learning dances and singing were most likely a big challenge for her as well. It's difficult to say this but she might KNOW how difficult it is when you're new.
    Plus the other musumes have been saying for a long time that Aika is quite strict.
    So her saying those things didn't surprise me.

  2. I did surprise at Aika play this role but, If one(Aika) use their own standard to measure kouhai, the kouhai will not be able to do better than the senpai. At most they will do just the same level and MM will gradually fallling down on quality. and by put stress on them (or may just poor Erina is part of practice.)