Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Berryz Kobo - Momo vs Chii

I remember a whiiile ago someone asked Risu to translate this scene with Momo and Chii in the Otakebi Boy making. well look what I found today~


loll xD
I see some people dislike Chi because they think she's horrible to Momo
well I can't say I know it for sure, but I'm pretty sure they're really close, they bully each other for fun. and sometimes you're meaner to the people you're closest to, cause you know they know you're joking. so Chii haters no need to hate
I find Chi's 'She ran away' funny xD

P.S. xDDD lol I didn't realize that this sub was actually Risu's sub xD;
Risu pointed that out to me
well er, at least now you can watch the video and understand at the same time xD

I saw this and thought oo I'll finally understand what they were really saying~ *clicks*
Translations: Risusaten
Me: *facepalms*

Ahahah! me and my bad listening skills...apparently Momo says "Happy Lucky" sorry!!


  1. ahh i remember it, it was me who asked to translate this scene, i just curious why Momo mock chi at the end, i know they just joking since they knew each other for very long time. good job with the sub.