Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Polls! Who has the Best Smile?

wow I'm actually quick with this one xD

Winning Smile

Suzuki Airi 50% (62)
Okai Chisato 16% (20)
Tokunaga Chinami 11% (14)
Suzuki Kanon 8% (11)
Takahashi Ai 8% (10)
Mano Erina/Ogawa Saki 2% (3)
Total Votes 123

Airii, yes she does have a lovely smile~ she actually made me want to smile more with teeth in pictures, quite an impact xD
though I feel she's not smiling as much anymore, which is sad, not like she is upset, just her smiles don't show her teeth as much or she poses with a cool expression. I remember her smiling the most in her young Buono days. My favourite Airi smiles are with smiley eyes and a wiiide grin, she looks genuinely happy. Airi you need to smile wider more! xD though for me, she's second in this list

Chisaaato, she smiles often, and hers is the cute eye smile too. Chisa's smiles are happy eyes and mouth  hanging from ear to ear. and I can picture her smiling to herself after she told a joke or laughing at someone else joke.

CHII, you actually say her name with a smile, CHII is the top for me! I actually recognised her for her smiley expression. she has such a cuute smile. aand she's allllways seen with a smile, 99% anyways. nothing beats Chii's happy ^^ eye smile for me

Suzuki Kanon, tbh I still haven't properly registered 9th generation yet, cause I haven't seen them properly performing with Momusu, and I don't see much of them. but I doo notice her grins, so that's why I included her in this. She does smile a lot, and her smile is bright. but I dunno I somehow feel her smile is a bit put on, like she wants to be a smiley person so she forces herself to smile. nonetheless she smiles often.

Aii chann, she often has a smile on her face, probably why she's descrived as lovely, and normally when she laughs its with her smile xD do you notice? her laugh is actually her smile, and her eyes become ^^

Saki I hear is a smiley person, and in S/mileage group shots, it's normally the other three smiling a bit, and Saki's full out smiling xD
and Mano, who can forget her similar CD covers of her smiling, that image is burned into my mind xDD

overall I'd say these seven are the smiliest out of H!P so that's kinda a win itself xD
but the best smile are those whose smiles are the widest, most genuine and looks the cutest.

Thanks for voting!
next poll is Who has the 'Coolest' Character
I doubt anyone in H!P is 100% cool all the time, they're idols afterall they need more different images
but sometimes don't you think, woow xx-chan is sooo cool
question is, who is that person? xD
please vote^^

also I realized the recent poll posts haven't much pictures
so I though I'd picspam a bit to make up for a bit xD

top 3


Congratulations Airi!!!! Kya~.. kya...

One of the main reasons why Airi became my favourite out of all of the idols was her
It wasn't just her toothy smile I loved but also her "mm Yummy~" face.
So incredibly cute...
but I definitely love her toothy smile too; she has really cute teeth! They're not perfect but she has like a canine that sticks out or something which is so adorable... she's smiling less toothily now but I wonder if it's because of she's conscious of her teeth or something!?
I'm glad Airi won because she definitely has one of the cutest smiles that always makes me smile when she smiles too~

Even so.... she's not number one for me either.
When I first got to know about Hello! Project, I got Chisato and Chinami veeery mixed up.
Not only did they have short hair in most of their videos back then but also because of the "Chi" and lastly...they both had such beautiful smiles! Because they had smiley eyes to accompany them too. But the way I distinguished them was that one of them definitely had the best smile ever.
That is...of course...
Chinami has the best smile in the world *o* when she smiles it.. has this healing effect on me and it kinda makes me squeal like a weirdo teehee.
I think she reminds me of my cousin too which is probably why I love Chinami's face so much huh...

Anyway yes! please vote for the coolest character in Hello! Project~
If you feel we've missed anyone out, please feel free to comment!

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  1. chisa's smile is really pretty...

    well maybe not on pics.. but airi REALLY smiles a lot on close up ver. of a mv....
    was like recently watching her solo close up of buono...

    shes sooo cute XD