Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 52 ~Captain gets the boot

xD so far I've only seen this and Momo's one, I'd loove to see the others

who knew a boot could be so scary? xDD
her screams were funny, and it's the most I've seen Captain 'lose control' xD aww Captain
she even got freaked out by Miya xD 'It's Miya'
turns out it was her own too xD

I'd be more scared if it was a dirty boot xD

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  1. Apparently it got removed. Is it the part from Berryz DVD Magazine Vol 8 where they have to touch something with a blindfold on and try to figure out what it is? If so, I already have them all anyway. :P There's a torrent on Hello Online with all seven of the solo DVDs.